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Projects Urban Housing

Decent, affordable and convenient places to live is basic for personal identity, stability and pride.

LachmanArchitectsMarinersRow01-contextMariners Row Urban Housing | Portland, ME
Three new 2 ½ story connected urban Townhouses located in Portland’s historic West End, a dense neighborhood developed primarily in the mid and late 19th century. Learn more >

Building on Lisbon Street in Downtown LisbonLyceum Lofts at #49 Lisbon Street | Lewiston, ME
These two adjacent buildings are typical of the many late 19th century structures that characterize downtown Lewiston.
Learn more >

LachmanArchitectsConyVillage1Cony Village | Augusta, ME
This cutting edge project, a joint venture by two non-profits, provides Affordable Home Ownership, Community Orientation and Smart Growth. Learn more >