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Complementary Services Rehab Tax Credits

For thousands of buildings in Maine, Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits are the most powerful tool to offset the cost of improvements. Lachman Architects & Planners is recognized statewide for expertise and leadership with Maine and Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credits.

Integrated Services = Extraordinary Efficiency
We have completed numerous Rehabilitation Tax Credit projects for both profit and non-profits. We are especially known for complex projects that benefit from our unique and seamless self-coordination of full service Architecture, Planning, Financial Modeling and Tax Credits, which together offer our clients an extraordinary level of efficiency and cost savings–within a single firm.

Project Coordination
Rehabilitation Tax Credits require both a substantial amount and a high level of coordination to be successful. We typically provide the critical interface with Maine Historic Preservation Commission (MHPC) and the National Park Service (NPS) for applications and approvals. Our well respected relationship combined with good communication and collaborative approach sets the stage for smooth approvals. In addition we typically provide another critical interface with our client’s Legal and Accounting team. We handle these tasks to relieve our clients, thereby freeing them to instead pursue other efforts of highest value to the project.

Cross Leveraging with Other Programs
We are uniquely experienced with cross leveraging Rehabilitation Tax Credits with grants such as CDBG, Energy, Brownfields, etc. to obtain optimal financial benefits. Our clients appreciate the efficiency, ease and cost savings from purposefully combining allied services within a single self-coordinating firm. In addition, clients also appreciate our interface and leadership with other critical professionals such as Legal and Accounting.