Building Maine Communities–with community buildings

Complementary Services Feasibility Studies

Investments in buildings are expensive and should be based on sound objective information upon which thoughtful decisions can be made. The best first step is a Feasibility Study. An Assessment establishes a Scope of Work, which in turn becomes the basis for a Cost Estimate. Concurrently with the Assessment the building’s Uses are reviewed. Feasibility Studies are offered (1) a means to determine if potential Scenarios are sound financial investments and (2) a basis for comparing Scenarios to each other–to set the stage for an informed, understandable and defensible decision.

Physical Assessments
This investigation can be cursory or in depth and/or visual or physically invasive. We are hands-on, rather than behind the desk. With decades of construction experience in the field, we are accustomed to crawling around a building and are undaunted by working in high, dirty, cold or wet conditions. This means we get to know every building intimately. This hands-on, in-depth understanding ensures our designs are well grounded in the reality of the physical building, rather than abstractions. In addition, this deep technical background obtained ‘through the trades’ (rare for architects!) in turn fosters seamless communication with craftspersons in the field.

Cost Estimates
Cost Estimates are typically associated with Scenarios (such as Small, Medium and Large) to provide essential foundation data.