York Village Master Plan | York, ME

york-village-thumbYork Village, with its quaint New England character and abundance of historical destinations, holds a special charm that is closely tied to both its Maine coastal heritage and its community–its quality of place. Yet despite these wonderful assets, decades of vehicle-centric decision-making has profoundly compromised those very qualities that make the heart of York Village special, making York Village feel more like an intersection than a village. To address the imbalance between automobiles and pedestrians, and understand how changes to rebalance can bring the village back in York Village, the Town of York engaged The Downtown Revitalization Collaborative, a multi-disciplinary team founded by Lachman Architects & Planners and co-led with Regina Leonard, Landscape Architect. 

A rigorous 9 month outreach and design process produced an exceptional Master Plan purposed to:

  • Illustrate and articulate a community-wide vision for future York Village after improvements
  • Provide a framework and reference document to guide its implementation

Visual concept the heart of the Master Plan
Graphic visual information helps gets everyone on the same page by fostering common understanding. For many, seeing is a step towards understanding, which in turn is a step towards shared support. Community support by residents, business owners and other stakeholders is essential in moving a project forward in later stages. There is great power tapped when a community aligns behind a unified visual concept, proceeds on a shared path, and focuses its precious financial (and human) resources towards a common purpose.

Illustrations by Regina Leonard, Landscape Architect