Waldoboro Downtown Master Plan

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Downtown & Campus Plan Projects   Waldoboro Downtown Master Plan | Waldoboro, ME

2012 Plan of the Year Award, Maine Association of Planners (MAP)
Purpose & Goal
The purpose of this Master Plan is to be a roadmap for implementing the Downtown Village Task Force recommendations and ultimately the community’s desire for an economically and socially robust downtown area that compliments the unique character of the town. The goal for the Master Plan is to develop a cohesive, incremental, practical strategy to bring new business and public activities to the downtown village, improve deteriorated buildings, streetscapes and public infrastructure, and better market the historic downtown. The Plan is guided by Community input, the Comprehensive Plan, Downtown Village Task Force recommendations and the Community Vision Statement.

Emphasize Action and Funding Strategies
In order to accomplish the Purpose and Goals, the Plan emphasizes Action and Funding Strategies the community can utilize to complete revitalization projects in the downtown.

2012 Plan of the Year Award
The Plan was recognized by receiving the coveted 2012 Plan of the Year Award presented by the Maine Association of Planners (MAP).

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Poised for Success
Despite challenges, the Waldoboro Downtown has all of the physical attributes of foundational importance to a successful downtown: walkable streets, a solid residential community, an engaged business community, historic architecture, key civic and cultural destinations, a dynamic and an appealing physical landscape defined by hillsides and the river.  Most importantly, Waldoboro’s citizens have a strong sense of community built upon traditions and history.  All of these qualities and conditions are necessary components for successful downtown revitalization.