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Civic & Cultural Projects Rehabilitation & Preservation Projects   Vienna Townhouse | Vienna, ME

lp-vienna-townhouseThe Vienna Townhouse has been a cornerstone of Vienna’s municipal life for approximately 150 years. Currently it functions as the Town office and the venue for occasional meetings.

The Town House Committee engaged Lachman Architects & Planners + Resurgence Engineering for the following distinct yet interrelated components:

  1. Maintenance and Preservation Plan–Present. This effort studies the building’s current condition, repairs, code upgrades, anticipated uses and costs and provides a recommended strategy.
  2. Master Plan–Near Future (Improvements and Additions). This effort plans for improvements and additions such as bathrooms, universal access and storage and provides a concept design.
  3. Master Plan–Long Term Future. This effort considers any long term plans the Town may have for the building and property and plans wisely now to avoid precluding later opportunities or wasting resources. If the town seeks to consolidate multiple functions on the two (2) acre Town Hall site, then it is smart planning and wise investment to understand the potential for a phased enlargement now. Conveniently this should dovetail with the Town’s current Comprehensive Plan Update
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