Smith Whittier Building Facade Improvements

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Commercial & Mixed Use Projects Rehabilitation & Preservation Projects   Smith Whittier Building Facade Improvements | Skowhegan, ME

This building occupies an important visually prominent gateway location within the historic downtown core. The extraordinary site fronts Water Street and backs to the Kennebec River.

The building is a typical late 19th century 3-story, brick commercial structure that was vacant and underutilized for many years. In the mid 20th century the building, like so many others, became the victim of “modernization” efforts and the storefront was “remuddled.”

Old + New = Rehabilitation
The new storefront returns to typical 19th century patterns–horizontal patterns of base panels below the windows with transom lites above and vertical major and minor “bays.” Contemporary materials are utilized which are standard, durable, cost effective, such as aluminum framing, insulated glass and composite wood. Original cast iron columns, previously covered during “modernization remuddles,” were carefully exposed to reveal handsome details.

An excellent Maine example of how quality design can–despite the typical limited budget–help rehabilitate a deteriorated historic building.

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