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Holt & Lachman worked with the Town of Ogunquit on how to best address the town’s municipal space needs for the long-term.

Ogunquit Municipal Space Needs Forum-Setting The Priorities
In the fall of 2003, Holt & Lachman guided a Steering Committee though preparations for a Town Forum to identify priorities for space needs, and to narrow the site options among several publicly owned parcels.  The 2003 Forum was attended by 50 citizens. The Forum resulted in agreement on which facilities had the most pressing needs. As important, there was consensus that all future development of municipal facilities should be clustered in a campus on the downtown parcel.

Ogunquit Municipal Campus Plan Workshop–Defining The Character
Holt & Lachman were brought back in the fall of 2004 to assist the Town in exploring specific options for addressing facility needs. Working independently, the Steering Committee had developed three concepts for addressing building needs though various combinations of building new buildings and/or adding onto existing buildings. Holt & Lachman produced cost estimates and concept sketches of the three options, and conducted another Town Forum to sample community opinions on the options. A late-breaking announcement by the multi-town school board on closing the Village School complicated the choices.  The Forum concluded that the feasibility of converting the Village School to municipal use should be studied.

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