Oasis Restaurant


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Oasis Restaurant | Old Orchard Beach, ME

Oasis Restaurant is an inspiring small project and excellent demonstration how a Public/Private Partnership transformed a run-down bar into a family-friendly hot-spot in the heart of Old Orchard Beach’s downtown. Oasis Restaurant is also an excellent Maine example how simple quality design can–despite typical budget limitations–create dramatic economic and physical transformation.

The design objective was to change the unfriendly facade into a physically and visually inviting business establishment (a good neighbor) through the following features:

  • new storefront windows create a seamless physical and visual connection between interior and exterior – to emphasize the informal beach-front character (see and be “scene”).
  • the new canopy reaches out to engage the sidewalk as well as shelter patrons during wet yet mild weather
  • new wave-like forms introduce a fresh look
  • contemporary materials are simple, durable, energy efficient and budget conscious
  • Microsoft Word - Oasis for newspaper final
  • Microsoft Word - Oasis for newspaper final
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