Gray Village Center Re-development Plan & Feasibility Study

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Downtown & Campus Plan Projects   Gray Village Center Re-development Plan & Feasibility Study | Gray, ME

LachmanArchitects02-grey-artistRe-Development Plan
Planning the future of 5 acres at the core of the village, including both public and private properties and buildings. Existing properties are severely constrained by awkward property lines, confining zoning and parking requirements, which together inhibited re-development. These were suspended to explore alternatives, such as shared parking, reduced curb cuts, pocket parks and efficient direct sidewalks.

  • Smart Growth – Designs feature buildings at the street edge and interior parking to be consistent with Town goals for pedestrian and bike friendliness, open and recreation space, and visual connections.
  • Community Design Workshop – During a day-long event citizens working in breakout groups identified potential uses, re-development goals and physical improvements.

Feasibility Study for Stimson Hall, Former Town Hall and the Old Post Office
Stimson Hall, which is on the National Register of Historic Places was originally designed for public assembly but lacks modern amenities, and the small lot lacks adequate parking to make it a viable stand alone site.

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