Governor Baxter School for the Deaf – Campus Master Plan + New Dormitory and Cultural Center/Museum


Downtown & Campus Plan Projects   Governor Baxter School for the Deaf Campus Master Plan + New Dormitory and Cultural Center/Museum | Falmouth, ME

LachmanArchitectsGBSD Master PlanMackworth Island is an approximately 100-acre island in Falmouth, Maine adjacent to its border with Portland, Maine. In 1957, Maine’s governor Percival P. Baxter deeded his summer home on the island to create the Governor Baxter School for The Deaf.

Campus Master Plan
Over the decades, plans have been considered, however without attention to integrating the Physical Campus, with its Program, Educational and Outreach philosophy. Lachman Architects & Planners was engaged specifically for a broader integrated effort by addressing questions such as:

  • What is the school’s current programmatic, educational and outreach vision?
  • What physical opportunities foster this vision, and what constraints inhibit it?
  • Which elements of past plans Master Plans are still valid, which need updating and what new must be added?

New Dormitory and New Cultural Center/Museum
In addition to the Campus Master Plan, the school desired a New Dormitory and a new Cultural Center/Museum. The emphasis of design was to establish uses, locations and approximate sizes, and address the following:

  • Are these programs best consolidated/co-located or separate/independently located?
  • If Building B is not a satisfactory candidate, then where else on campus might these programs be located?
  • Which locations are the best fit for these programs?
  • What is the cost of new programs in new locations?
  • Explore several scenarios and evolve a preferred scenario
  • Easy to read and understand graphics illustrating site and building concept diagrams with areas of use and approximate square footage
  • Preliminary Opinion of Cost based on square foot assumptions
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  • LachmanArchitectsGBSD Master Plan
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