First Universalist Church of Norway UU

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First Universalist Church of Norway UU Tower Rehabilitation | Norway, ME

LachmanArchitectsNorwayChurchUUTowerFor over two centuries, the Norway UU Church has been a physical and social anchor for the town of Norway, a place where faith, community service, major life events, and daily action intersect. For all these years the building has sheltered these activities from the elements.
Over time, water penetrated into the tower, causing structural damage, and damage became deterioration. Repairs are necessary to save the tower. Immediate attention is required to:

(1) reinforce the existing tower structure,
(2) seal the tower from water penetration,
(3) repair hidden structural conditions, and
(4) repair damaged ceiling plaster.

Project Approach
Saving the tower is a responsibility to both the past and the future, and a cornerstone of the church’s Campaign to honor our history, out faith and our place in the community. The church requested assistance from Lachman Architects & Planners to:

  • Prepare Existing Conditions Base Drawings & Preliminary Scope of Work Documents
  • Select Construction Manager at Risk (CM @ Risk)
  • Update Scope of Work with CM & Preliminary Structural Design
  • Provide a Construction Budget, to help make financially informed choices and decisions by considering interrelated factors.
  • Develop Materials to Assist Community Outreach & Cultivating Support
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