Camden Downtown Master Plan


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This Downtown Master Plan is a capstone to previous studies that accomplishes the following:

  • Integrates the Past–builds on previous reports and studies by coordinating concepts into a single comprehensive document
  • Integrates Present Economic Considerations with Physical Conditions–no previous studies integrated economic considerations with physical conditions – to create the comprehensive whole
  • Sets the Stage for the Future–a road map based on past recommendations, current analysis and future trends.
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  • Lachman Architects Camden Downtown
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Setting the Stage
The purpose of this plan is to set the stage for an economically and socially robust downtown–including jobs. The Plan accomplishes this by developing a cohesive, incremental, practical strategy to bring new business and public activities to the downtown village, improve buildings, streetscapes and public infrastructure, and better market the historic downtown. The Plan proposes recommendations to evolve downtown towards prosperity, rather than radical concepts promised to transform it.

Integrate Both Economic and Physical Factors
Both are essential and mutually beneficial. Success on the physical stage (pedestrian-friendly downtown and harbor) attracts year round citizens and visitors, which in turn fosters the retention and creation of interesting, year-round, higher-income jobs, which in turn generates public and private revenue, which in turn provides resources to make further physical improvements–in a self-perpetuating upward spiral.