502 Deering Center | Portland, ME

Welcome to our new, mixed-use development offering new Commercial and Residential opportunities in the heart of Deering Center Village.

New Commercial Space
This a golden opportunity because its Location (on Stevens Ave at the core of this desirable, dense, walkable neighborhood, and near Forest Ave) and Space (300 to 2,200 sf of new, custom designed open space with high storefront exposure). Zoned B1-b for Neighborhood Business. Maybe YOUR business located on this “main street”.

New Rental Units
(2) 3BR/2B + (4) 1BR/1B, in the heart of this walkable neighborhood, surrounded by schools, recreation, UNE, services & shops. Units feature efficient, thoughtful design that delivers maximum space and light within a compact footprint. In addition, it is close to downtown for an easy drive, bus and/or bike to work, leisure or cultural activities. Enjoy the best of both – village life in the city!

Coming Soon & Contact
Construction starts Summer 2017. Commercial tenant fit-out Fall 2017. Residential move-in early 2018. Email us at 502DeeringCenter(at)gmail.com with your questions and/or interest. We look forward to hearing from you.

Location, Location
Perhaps more than any other neighborhood in Portland, Deering Center has the feel of a typical late-nineteenth century village, with its concentration of civic and institutional buildings and small group of commercial storefronts, surrounded by tree-lined residential streets. 502 Deering Center is in the heart of this village-in-the-city.

Smart & Efficient Neighborhood Infill
The project’s overarching goal is to generate social and economic activity. In addition, this project seeks to demonstrate how smart site and building design on a limited budget can accomplish multiple goals. One example is the shared driveway. Land is limited in the village, and neighbors sharing a driveway is efficient. It allows precious resources and land otherwise devoted to cars to instead be reallocated to a Village Pocket Park.

Village Pocket Park
It takes a place to create a community and a community to create a place, so a key building block for a thriving community is a welcoming, pause-and-meet spot. The new Village Pocket Park offers private land in the village available as an amenity for public use. It is perfectly situated along the Deering Center Walking Trail (yet to be created), that would intersect the existing nearby Portland Trails recreational trail and expand our recreational/urban trail system.

Mixed Transportation
Another project goal is to reduce auto use through Mixed-Use Transportation, an approach that encourages walking, busing and biking in addition to cars. A bus stop is directly in front of the project, and the building’s projecting bay illuminates and shelters the waiting bench. Bike parking encourages neighborhood residents who may not wish to bike all the way into downtown a convenient alternative – leave their car at home and instead bike to the village to park-n-ride the bus.