Building Maine Communities–with community buildings

About Us


Our mission is Building Maine Communities–with community buildings. An identifiable, welcoming and safe physical place for social and economic co-mingling is a cornerstone of thriving communities. Maine is blessed with many attractive downtowns and village centers supported by historic buildings. However many need help to improve-which is our purpose. Bringing together people and the quality of their place is intrinsically complex, so to accomplish our mission we purposefully integrate the allied disciplines of Architecture, Community Planning, and Preservation in a single full-service firm.

We are dedicated to effecting positive change by thinking globally and acting locally-one building and one community at a time. We purposefully pursue these values by Building Maine Communities-with community buildings.


Discussion Equally Important as Design
Participation and support by neighbors, citizens, business owners and other stakeholders is essential in moving projects forward because a lingering sour taste from feeling not included or heard can spoil the potential to implement a good plan. We are widely known for our friendly, informative and inclusive approach, careful listening and clear communication and excel at making complex topics understandable with graphics to illustrate concepts. We have conducted scores of interactive outreach events.

Hands-On + Behind The Desk
Uniquely, we combine practical hands-on experience with sophisticated behind the desk skills for balanced complimentary perspectives. This is based on decades of experience building almost everything including musical instruments, boats, furniture, log cabins, residential and commercial structures. This deep technical background obtained through the trades (rare for architects!) in turn fosters seamless communication with craftspersons in the field.

In addition, with years of construction experience in the field, we are accustomed to crawling around a building and are undaunted by working in high, dirty, cold or wet conditions. This means we get to know every building intimately. Hands-on, in-depth understanding ensures our designs are well grounded in the reality of the physical building, rather than abstractions. The combination of ‘through the trades’ technical background  + design well grounded in the reality of the physical building + seamless communication with craftspersons = an uncommonly smooth and successful design, bid and build process.